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    Community Health ClassesCommunity health and wellness is a priority to us, that’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of health education classes designed to keep you involved and engaged in maintaining your health. We offer classes at locations throughout the north and west Denver Metro area to help bring wellness closer to home. 

    You can find class online registration links by topic or by location below, or to register by phone call 720-321-1769.

    Current classes by topic:

    • Chronic Pain Self Management - Learn techniques to deal with fatigue, isolation, poor sleep and frustration, along with appropriate exercises for chronic pain, appropriate medication use, effective communication with health care providers and family, nutrition, and much more.
    • Diabetes Prevention - National Diabetes Prevention Program is a lifestyle program to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by losing weight, increasing physical activity and learning to overcome barriers to healthy eating and physical activity. The first 16 sessions occur biweekly, then the remaining sessions are monthly for the rest of the year.
    • End-of-Life Decisions and Pre-Planning - Making plans for your future is something that should happen long before it’s needed for you or a loved one. Discussion includes what you need to know about planning for medical crises and end-of-life decisions. This will include education and forms for completing advance directives. All ages encouraged to attend.
    • Healthier Living Colorado - These interactive classes support you in making better choices, and build confidence in your ability to manage your health and maintain an active, fulfilling life. This evidence-based program was developed by Stanford University to help you manage any diagnosed health condition.
    • Mental Health First Aid - A ground breaking prevention program, the course teaches participants the risk factors and warning signs of a variety of mental health challenges. MHFA is implemented around the US and the world. Research has shown the training enhances behavioral health literacy, reduces stigma, increases knowledge of professional and self-help resources, increases participants confidence helping in a crisis situation, and improves behavioral health of participants.
    • Stepping On Fall Prevention - A program to help older adults reduce their fall risks and maintain their independence. An evidence-based class series to promote better balance and decrease fears of falling.
    • Weigh and Win - Centura Health sponsors Weigh and Win, a community program that pays users to lose and maintain a healthy weight. FREE to all Colorado adults age 18 and over.

    Current classes by location:

  • 84th Ave. Neighborhood Health Center

    84th Ave. Classes

    Classes at the 84th Ave. Neighborhood Health Center in Westminster.

  • Dacono Neighborhood Health Center Classes

    Dacono Classes

    Classes at the Dacono Neighborhood Health Center in Dacono.

  • Orchard Neighborhood Health Center Classes

    Orchard Classes

    Classes at the Orchard Neighborhood Health Center in Westminster.

  • Arvada Neighborhood Health Center

    Arvada Classes

    Classes at the Arvada Neighborhood Health Center in Arvada.

  • Evergreen Recreation Center

    Evergreen Classes

    Classes at the Buchanan Park Recreation Center in Evergreen.

  • Summit County Map

    Summit County Classes

    Classes CHPG High Country Healthcare locations in Summit County.

  • Belmar Neighborhood Health Center

    Belmar Classes

    Classes at the Belmar Neighborhood Health Center in Lakewood.

  • Firestone NHC Map

    Firestone Classes

    Classes at the Firestone Neighborhood Health Center in Firestone.

  • Thornton Neighborhood Health Center Classes

    Thornton Classes

    Classes at the Thornton Neighborhood Health Center in Thornton.

  • Church Ranch Neighborhood Health Center Classes

    Church Ranch Classes

    Classes at the Church Ranch Neighborhood Health Center in Westminster.

  • Golden Neighborhood Health Center Classes

    Golden Classes

    Classes at the Golden Neighborhood Health Center in Golden.

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