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    10 Resolutions for Better Health that Your Doctor Would Like You to Make

    When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we know they can be a lot easier to make than they are to keep.

    Start with changes you can stay with. Working out at the gym every day and sharply limiting your diet may sound like good ideas—and you may have the best of intentions—but are those actions you’ll follow through on in February? By focusing on a few positive steps and feeling the success that they bring, it’s much more likely you’ll build on that progress. And you deserve to feel that sense of achievement when you’re making the effort. This is your life we’re talking about.

    Our top ten suggestions for better health this 2017:

    1. Schedule a checkup
    2. Learn about preventive medical care
    3. Eat more greens and vegetables
    4. Check your vitamin D levels
    5. Eat healthier fats
    6. Manage your medications
    7. Evaluate a chronic health disease like diabetes or high blood pressure
    8. Exercise more
    9. Get plenty of sleep
    10. Be realistic – make your goals manageable

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