• Pediatric Care

  • It's time for sports and school physicals!

    Is your child anxious to get in the game? For their safety, many schools require a sports physical or pre-participation exam (PPE), before a student is cleared to play or participate in school activities. The goal of a sports physical is to determine if a student is healthy enough to participate in activities and to minimize the possibility of a sports-related injuries. If an existing injury or potential problem is identified during the sports physical exam, action can be taken to avoid future problems and to rehabilitate an existing injury.

    The sports physical exam includes two components, medical history and physical exam.

    1. The medical history includes questions about illnesses and injuries your child has had. This will focus on medical problems that run in your family and discuss any medicine taken on a daily basis.
    2. During the physical exam, your child’s doctor will:
      o    measure height
      o    check weight
      o    take blood pressure
      o    listen to heart and lungs
      o    feel abdomen
      o    check ears, nose, and throat
      o    check eyesight  
      o    test strength and flexibility

    Our family medicine providers and pediatricians offer annual sports physicals at a low cost and at convenient times including nights and weekends.

    Caring for Your Children

    Childrens primary careOur CHPG Primary Care practices understand that your children are not "little adults," but are special individuals with their own unique health care needs. We care for illness and medical conditions, but also believe strongly in promoting good health through family education that teaches children to care for their bodies through healthy choices and activities. We see children from infancy, early childhood and through the transition of adolescence to adulthood.

    • Well child exams
    • Immunizations
    • Physical exams for participation in sports, camps, college entrance, etc.
    • Acne monitoring and treatment
    • Depression evaluation and medication management with specialty referrals as necessary.
    • Treatment of illness and injury including urgent care for acute injury. 
    • Gynecological care and counseling for adolescents
    • Medication management of ADD/ADHD

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