• Adult Primary Care Services

  • Primary care that encourages healthy lifestyle choices and preventive care to maintain optimal wellness. 

    Regardless of your age, it's vital to take an active role in maintaining your health through regular physicals and screenings from your primary care physician. And, when illness or injuries arise, our practices offer the care you need to get your feeling better or back to your active lifestyle.

    Primary care services include:

    • Well Exams/Physicals:  We enourage all adult patients to schedule a yearly Wellness Exam. During this exam we will pay particular attention to your risks of developing disease, screen for disease, and help you make changes before disease occurs.  
    • Illness: When you are ill our practices can often fit you in for same or next day appointments to get you back to feeling better as soon as possible.
    • Preventive Screenings: Based on your individual age and health, primary care providers will determine the appropriate screenings or tests to help you identify any disease or risk factors as early as possible.
    • Travel Medicine: Adults who travel outside of the country should be sure to prepare for your trip with necessary immunizations related to your destination. You can research travel advice at: www.cdc.gov/travel and determine if you need to make an appointment, we typically recommend 4-6 weeks before your anticipated travel. Your physician will discuss necessary immunizations, methods to decrease the risk of disease while traveling, and ways to prevent problems while traveling.

    Learn more about women's, men's and senior health services: 

  • Women

    Women's Primary Care

    Disease prevention through healthy lifestyle choices & early screenings are vital to women's health.

  • Men

    Men's Health

    Providing care with a wide range of screenings & assessments aimed to keep you healthy for years to come.

  • Senior Health

    Older Adult / Senior Primary Care

    Preventive screenings, wellness care & chronic disease or medication management if necessary.

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