• Quality & Safety

  • Centura Health is committed to clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes. 

    As the region’s leading health care provider, we dedicate enormous resources to employing standardized, evidence-based clinical protocols, monitoring outcomes throughout our network, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality improvement. Our team works diligently to incorporate patient safety into our services, treatments and health outcomes so that you can have peace of mind.

    Centura Health is committed to transparency and voluntarily supports many of the existing efforts to promote best practices, reporting quality and safety performance results and advances designed to support the development of new evaluative measures for health care. We work very hard to achieve clinical excellence and improve outcomes, especially those that have not reached our expectations. There are many variables related to a patient’s care and sometimes, despite caregivers’ best efforts, the outcome is not what we want or expect. We make no excuses and work hard every day to create system-wide organizational learning to understand, guide, influence and manage the transformational change that will ensure clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes across our statewide network.

    Our interactive report shows how hospitals within the Centura Health network compare in caring for patients as well as a survey of patient satisfaction taken following recent hospital stays. The rates for measurement are based on a minimum of 20 cases reported through nationally recognized quality indicators, practices and safety measures. While quality reports from other sites may be a year old or more, the reports on our website show the most up-to-date measures of quality and safety at Centura Health.

    Explore the Centura Health quality and safety report below to learn more about how we engage in quality and patient safety. Keep in mind, choosing a hospital based on statistics and descriptions is not enough. Talk to your physician to guide you and your family in making the best decisions for care.

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